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Fiestas de la laguna el entrego 2022

  1. End of the year tenerife 2022
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End of the year tenerife 2022

During the first decades of the existence of the Brotherhood of San Juan del Monte, the image used to worship the Saint was that of a carving of St. John the Evangelist from the Baroque period, which has remained in the chapel since.

On June 19, 1975, the Ministry of Information and Tourism raised the status of the pilgrimage to Fiestas of National Tourist Interest. In 1979, the State sent documentation to the Brotherhood to renew this status, but the Brotherhood, due to forgetfulness or lack of interest, did not carry out the necessary procedures. Since 2008 it began to process the recovery of the declaration at the national level, which was finally achieved again in 2015. In 1996 the Junta de Castilla y León included the pilgrimage among the Fiestas of Tourist Interest in the region.

The festivities are held on a variable date, between the months of May and June, depending on Easter. The central day of the festivities is the Monday of Pentecost, the day of San Juan del Monte, being the previous Thursday the official start with the reading of the proclamation, although from the preceding weekend there are already festive events.

La Laguna City Hall

The information on this page is not up to date. The General Directorate is working on the creation of the Cultural Heritage Information System (AWANEK). As long as the AWANEK website is not published, please contact the management center for any questions regarding the Assets of Cultural Interest and the Atlas of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Nevertheless, and within the scope of the festival itself, the "internal social segmentation" is encouraged and the confrontation between the different neighborhoods of the village is dramatized, reconciling amicably through the atonement of a symbol, of a wimp that encourages the "collective ritual of transaction to everyday life".

Events tenerife 2022

The Slavery has its origin in the primitive Confraternity of the Holy Christ of La Laguna, created since the arrival to the city of the Holy Image of Christ, long before 1545 (date of the opening of the Council of Trent), and composed of men and women.

This confraternity was absorbed by the Venerable Slavery founded on September 6, 1659 by the most distinguished of the island of Tenerife, specifically 33 Christian knights of the main nobility of the island. The Sanctuary of Christ (canonical seat of this brotherhood) was enriched by the Roman Pontiff with the indulgences granted to the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran in Rome.[2] The Sanctuary of Christ (canonical seat of this brotherhood) was enriched by the Roman Pontiff with the indulgences that are granted to the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran in Rome.[2

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